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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coed Dorm Tales

Secret Girl’s First Orgasm with a Woman

Secret Girl is a "normal" 30 something year old woman. You see her in line at the grocery store, in church, at ballet class. You see her with her husband in restaurants and community events. She loves her family - her husband and her children - BUT she has a secret. There's a side of her they will never see. There's a side of her that keeps her sane. That side is spontaneous and daring and very, very sexual. She blogs at http://secretsofadirtygirl.blogspot.com.

When I was a freshman in college I lived in a coed dorm. Sounds fun huh? Oh yeah. Unfortunately though, I got engaged shortly after starting to school and did not date while I was there. As a side note, I knew even then I was marrying the wrong man, but that's another story. I became friends with the resident assistant on another floor, Scott, and one night when my roommate locked me out I knocked on his door and asked for help. He offered his bed (how nice) and he slept on the couch. Really.

Sometime during the night we began talking and I confessed to him that I knew I was getting married for all the wrong reasons. I even told him that I wasn't sexually attracted to my fiancé and how much I missed sex. He offered to help. That night he pleasured me in the most amazing ways, but refused to let me so much as touch him. He said as long as I wore another man's diamond that I couldn't completely have him. Pretty strange huh? That night he made me cum over and over again with his hands and his tongue and finally jerked himself off as the morning came. Our relationship continued for several weeks. In addition to the wonderful releases he gave me, we became great friends.

As the weeks passed, I felt more and more guilty. I wanted so badly to make him feel as good as he made me feel and told him over and over again. He continued to refuse, but after a few months he offered me an opportunity to clear the slate.

Scott was also friends with a girl, Heather, that lived in the same dorm. Heather was openly a lesbian. She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair and a great body. The guys on campus always talked about what a waste it was. Mean, I know. We'd met on several occasions and she had confided in him how attracted she was to me. And so the story begins...Scott asked me to be with Heather and let him watch. It was his ultimate fantasy.

The night we met I was really nervous. I had no idea what to expect. I'd never even seen girl/girl porn and found myself wanting to back out. We met in Scott's room and had several drinks, turned on music and tried to relax. Finally, Scott gave Heather a knowing look and took a seat on the couch. Heather took me by the hand and led me to the bed. My heart was racing.

She leaned over close to me and whispered in my ear, "Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with and tell me if you want to stop. Relax and we'll take this really slow. Try to forget he's even here." That was all I needed. Suddenly any reservation I had was gone. (The beer probably helped too.)

So, I sat on the bed and she sat behind me. She began by just rubbing my shoulders and running her hands through my hair. I tried to put Scott out of my mind, but I couldn’t help but look up at him from time to time. I wanted to see his reaction. I wanted to see his pleasure.

She was so calm and purposeful with her touches and words. I remember thinking that it was the first time a woman had ever told me I was sexy and I believed her. When she pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra it seemed very natural and when I felt her bare skin press against my back, aware of her hard nipples it intrigued me. Again, I was experiencing something I never had before.

She first cupped my breasts and started to gently roll my nipples with her fingers. It was so soft, almost like my own touch. Her lips on the back of my neck were also soft - not that a man’s lips are rough. It was just different. When I finally turned around I was definitely into the moment. It was so very sexy. I found myself wanting to kiss her, wanting to know what her mouth would feel like, wanting to taste her.

The kiss was sensual. It was long and deep. I couldn’t get enough of it. And I was so into it that I don’t even remember how the rest of my clothes, or hers came off. I just know that it wasn’t long before I felt her hands dancing on the inside of my thighs. When her fingers finally found my pussy I couldn’t wait for her to touch me. Her touch was so different from a man. It was like touching myself only without the knowledge of where it would go. It was like she knew instinctively just what I wanted and when. She quickly found my clit and circled and flicked and teased it until I was so close to cumming. She put one finger in my pussy and played with my ass. Everything felt so wonderful. Each time I was right at that point of no return she would stop and let me build up again.

At some point, we stopped kissing and she stopped fingering me to whisper in my ear again. “I want to taste your pussy. Can I?” Oh Yes! That was when my eyes flew wide open and I saw Scott again. I’d almost forgotten he was in the room. He was so silent. He never said a word, but the look on his face and massive erection were all I needed to see to know that he was getting just what he wanted.

Heather moved down the bed and spread my legs far apart. She prompted me to turn my hips so that Scott could have the best view of what was about to happen. She slowly kissed the inside of my thighs until she reached my pussy. I was already so wet. I think as soon as her tongue touched my slit I started to cum and by the time she found my clit I was over the edge. I came so hard it was like a wave of pleasure that kept rolling over and over me. My legs were shaking and my whole body tingled. Heather stayed between my legs and gently blew warm air on my pussy. It was amazing. When the shaking stopped she moved up my body and laid her head on my stomach. I was spent and I hadn’t done a thing. It was feeling I’d never felt before and haven’t felt since. With her head on my stomach she found her own pussy and quickly brought herself the same release. I know at some point Scott had done the same, but I didn’t see him as it happened.

Afterwards we all fell asleep in bed together (me in the middle) and the next morning I got up and went back to my room, showered and went to class. Scott and I continued to see each other after that, but we were never intimate again. He wanted a real relationship and I just couldn’t give it to him. I saw Heather a few times and always felt really awkward, but she would just smile and go on.


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What a great memory. It's too bad you didn't get to experience giving her release with your tongue, hands and lips.

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